As we read the Cornerstone prayer requests, we realize many people in our church family are praying for jobs, housing, and basic necessities. The Care Ministry of Cornerstone Church would like to extend a blessing in the form of a gift card to those in need – whether it is someone you know, yourself, or your own family who is going through challenging times this Christmas season.


Here’s how Operation Christmas Blessing works:

A person or family selects one person or family that is really in need at Christmas time, blessing them with a $100.00 gift card that will allow that family to purchase a few small gifts and put Christmas dinner on the table, but most importantly providing the opportunity to share God’s love for them through prayer with the recipient. It is open to all who call Cornerstone Church their home, members and non-members alike.


If you would like to request a gift card for someone in need, at not cost to you, fill out  a form at the Information table and place it in the “Operation Christmas Blessing" box at the Information table or in the offering basket on the weekends of 12/1-2 and 12/8-9. Requesters can also come in the office during church business hours the week between those two weekends (Dec 3-7). Office hours are Mon-Thurs: 9am-5pm.


All forms must be turned in by noon, Wednesday, December 9.


All cards must be picked up by requesters between December 17-20 AT THE CHURCH OFFICE.


Gift cards will be placed in an envelope with the requester's name on it and may be picked up at the church office between Monday, December 17 and Thursday, December 20.


Each requester is responsible to pick up their gift card at the church. If you requested a gift card for someone else, we ask that you deliver it personally to the recipient, as a love gift from Cornerstone Church. If at all possible, pray with them and encourage them with the hope of Christ.